Education in the era of COVID-19

Since my last blog entry a lot has changed both personally and globally. Personally, I have taken on the responsibility for leading literacy in my current school (more on this to come in future blogs) and globally the world has been changed drastically by something smaller than a cell.  As I write this, Romania has … Continue reading Education in the era of COVID-19

Reflections on Social Emotional Learning

SEL - Social and Emotional Learning aka Personal and Social Education (PSE) and two thirds of the English PSHE curriculum (Personal, Social and Health Education). But what is it? What is it not? Why is it important? I work in a ‘SEL School’. The school promotes itself as one that specialises in promoting the students’ … Continue reading Reflections on Social Emotional Learning

What do we mean by the phrase ‘Assessment Literate Learners’?

A phrase I am hearing more of in the world of education is ‘Assessment Literate Learners’. I have heard it used as both a rationale for focusing more on students test scores in their end of high school exams and one for giving students full ownership of the assessment process whilst dispensing of benchmarking students … Continue reading What do we mean by the phrase ‘Assessment Literate Learners’?