Developing Peer-to-Peer Teaching

In the summer term of 2019 my students started the IPC unit AD 900 in which they were expected to learn about ancient non-European civilisations. The IPC suggested looking at the Mayans, Benin and Early Islamic civilisations. After reflecting on where my students were at in their learning journey, the cultural makeup of the class … Continue reading Developing Peer-to-Peer Teaching


Come the end of the academic year, teachers are often thinking ahead to their summer holiday and the school year to come. What are they going to do the same? What are they going to do different? What are they going to do better? What will the class be like? Here in the northern hemisphere, … Continue reading Reflections

Developing Thinking Skills

Looking back to when I first started teaching, it has been interesting to reflect on the differing priorities and interests that I have pursued professionally during my teaching career. Some have fallen by the wayside and some have persisted and developed over time. One of the things that has persisted is my interest in developing … Continue reading Developing Thinking Skills

What are the pros and cons of the IPC and the IMYC?

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) make up two parts of a curriculum for 3 - 14 year olds curriculum provided by Fieldwork Education. The curriculum is primarily targeted at schools delivering a British style education and the learning objectives heavily correlate with the outcomes of the English National … Continue reading What are the pros and cons of the IPC and the IMYC?