Developing Peer-to-Peer Teaching

In the summer term of 2019 my students started the IPC unit AD 900 in which they were expected to learn about ancient non-European civilisations. The IPC suggested looking at the Mayans, Benin and Early Islamic civilisations. After reflecting on where my students were at in their learning journey, the cultural makeup of the class … Continue reading Developing Peer-to-Peer Teaching

Blogging With Students

Have you ever thought of blogging with yours students? I did it with my middle school students for the Winter Olympics in 2018 and I was surprised at how much of a positive impact it had on a range of learning areas. To get an idea of what the blog looked like just click on … Continue reading Blogging With Students

Allowing For Student Agency In The IPC

I have recently become interested in utilising student agency more formally in my classroom. For a long time I have allowed for some student agency on a basic level, for example outlining to my students what lessons they have that day and allowing them to decide in which order we have those lessons. However, the … Continue reading Allowing For Student Agency In The IPC