About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am Dominic and I have been a teacher since 2006. I am currently a Year 5 teacher in Bucharest, Romania and most of my experience is in primary (elementary) schools. However, I have also spent three years as a middle school teacher in a very small school teaching maths, English and science. I have recently discovered the power of the blog at improving my own professional practice and thought I would start my own blog as a way of sharing my ideas in a longer form (for a shorter format I tweet under @munden_mr). I want this blog to act as a space to share my practise and educational philosophy as well as a vehicle for me to receive feedback, prompting questions and new lines of inquiry from other like minded individuals. 

I am an inquisitive person and throughout my career I have been interested in engaging with a range of pedagogical approaches to ensure my students receive the best education. This has included me undertaking an action research project on metacognition with the Institute of Education, London at the start of my career; leading teams to design, update and revise curriculums to better suit the learners in different schools; and most recently looking to better integrate a true inquiry based learning model (based on the work by Kath Murdoch) into the International Primary Curriculum. The latter has been the most challenging line of personal inquiry I have undertaken so far and it has led me down the path of developing greater student agency in my classroom and really considering what are the vital knowledge, skills and understanding that my students will need when they are adults.

What other lines of inquiry would you suggest?

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